Team Selection


At the beginning of each season, a Captain and Vice captain will be selected by the squad coaches and team manager. Factors considered in these decisions will include seniority within the squad, number of years with the club, commitment, attitude, application, effort during training, leadership potential and enthusiasm. The role of team captain is a vital one and team managers and coaches will strive to ensure that all possible support and guidance is offered to the captains in schooling them in this challenging role.


Team selection will be a joint decision made between the team manager, coaches and captain. Factors taken into account will be availability, seniority in the team, relative ability, commitment, attitude, enthusiasm, behaviour during training sessions, safety and strength of opposition. Membership and attendance at training do not guarantee a place in the team.

Every effort will be made to ensure that the majority of children who wish to play in matches, are given some match experience where appropriate and subject to the selection criteria above.


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