The nets at Hunter Park have reopened after lockdown measures were lifted by the government and the ECB. Only one lane can be open at the moment due to social distancing guidelines. Please read the following information carefully and make sure you abide by these rules whenever you use the facilities. This information is mainly from the ECB, and may be slightly different to the government’s general exercise advice because cricket’s unique practice environment.

  1. Only people from the same household or up to 6 people from different households (1 from each) may use the nets at any one time.
  2. Social distancing of at least 2 metres must be adhered to at all times (unless playing with members of your household).
  3. Any equipment that is shared must be wiped down with anti bacterial spray/gel between uses by different people.
  4. Avoid touching your face.
  5. You must use your own ball where possible, try not to share a ball with anyone else.
  6. Kick or hit balls back to the bowler, try to refrain from touching them.
  7. 1 to 1 coaching is allowed providing all rules are followed.
  8. Wash your hands before and after net practice, bring hand sanitizer with you if possible.
  9. No saliva or sweat should come into contact with the ball.
  10. Please do not use the nets if you or anyone in your household is showing symptoms of COVID-19.

To reduce the risk of multiple people turning up to the nets at the same time we are trying to introduce a booking procedure. Please use the form found at this link ( to book. If you are not booked and someone who has booked arrives they will have priority.

Please note: The nets are booked every Tuesday evening 6pm – 8pm and Saturday afternoon 3pm – 5pm for Senior training.

Thank you, and stay safe!