A very quiet week on the wires, Whatsapp not chirping to some (any) intelligent comment at all on the Twyford Cricket Club group.

The team selected last Saturday for our match against Langley Manor appeared in dribs and drabs to assist where possible at an amazing looking Hunter Park, curator Paine Senior calling the shots.

Moreland, captain, bread guru, wicketkeeper and show pony batsmen requested Bancey to toss up, having lost most of the last 7 coin flips. Bancey duely lost but was surprised to hear that Twyford were to bat.

West and the coin flipper were first to face up, two young opening bowlers who belied their ages to bowl great line and length for eight overs before the two oldest representatives of the club got to grips with conditions. The pitch after an indifferent week of weather was tricky to say the least. A strip on a length in line of all three proving almost unplayable. However when pitched in short, the two openers increased the scoring rate.

West was far more fluent, two cover drives and a square cut confirming that “swoop” still has it. At a very steady 96-0 Bance was first to depart, having picked a slower ball, the leftie still managed to hit it straight to mid-off. Enter the talisman, Reidy, who was not quite in his normal frame, whacked one out of the ground, was dropped twice and lobbed one back to the excellent leg spin bowler for 6 and walked off, heading straight to the Bugle.

Reidy’s understudy, Will Paterson took up the challenge and along with West pushed the scoreboard nicely along, Paterson playing the shot of the match punching a just short of a length delivery through the covers for a sumptuous four. Will was to end up on an excellent 36 not out.

Westy finally ran out of energy caught for a brilliant 61, but that just opened the door for skip Moreland, who smashed it to all parts and put Twyford in the ascendancy with an aggressive and brisk 40.

Twyford closed on a above par (brains trust had predicted 160 as a good score) 192-5, a miserly 7 extras from Langley Manor and some good bowling from the youngsters.

The tea break created a few chuckles with Reidy and Ducker spending time in the middle to “warm up”, young Grace Bance, taking offence to the actions of the opening bowlers so much that armed with a balloon, decided to set upon the suspicious pair with a few balloon cover drives. It seemed to do the trick to wake the pair and ready them both for their spells.

The game was up very early on, similar to last year, Langley (with the exception of the young opening bat) lacked application. When this happens Ducker takes wickets and plenty of them. In over 14, Langley were 26-8 and the game “done”. During this period, Reidy had taken two, including bowling the impressive Smith and Ducker had taken a well-earned hattrick, Twyford’s second in as many games. Chirp of the season so far going to Kev West, Ducker bowling one of the more experienced players for nought, the batsmen kicking the ball past point after the stumps were knocked back and off of the square…. Westy “well he kicked it further than he hit it”.

Reidy and Ducker were rested, Ralf FH and Wyatt Brennan who has had very few chances to impress with his off spin after his impressive spell last term. Ralf struggled a bit today with length, up against a confident Manor batsmen (Garner) who was the only one in double figures, an impressive 41.

Wyatt finally picked up the important wicket of youngster Garner and with spells from Piers Askew, a whippy tidy spell and the always impressive Lee Nicholas, who wrapped up the game when he bowled Langley’s Terris in his first over. Langley all out for 86.

Great for us to be able to see Wyatt, Ralf, Lee and Piers bowl today, well done the youth. Well done Matt Paine who was happy to sit out, his left arm pace still “up our sleeve” if necessary, his shorts at tea, unsavoury to say the least however.

A few umpiring incidents today, with our senior having a problem with his clicker and Innuendo Ranger following suit with a shocking mess up with the position of the non-striker. Contract negotiations could be interesting during the closed season.

We cleared up and put to bed our stunning ground and headed for Paul’s Phoenix pub. The “lightning” as good as ever. We did witness the worst piece of driving ever seen in Twyford, with one of local cricket team’s, who also frequent the Phoenix, players seemingly unable to park his Mini Clubman, threatening a call to the insurance companies of all the Twyford car owners. In the end, one of his own players parking his car after 10 minutes of dawdling.

A very pleasant day, a good win, they all are and great to see a good crowd at the fortress. Here come the thanks.

Groundsman Matt, JP, Fin, Nick Ranger, Nobby, Nick M, Kate and Jan.

OT’s are our visitors next week, two games on the trot at home.

Twyford 192-5

West 61

Langley Manor III 86 all out

Ducker 6 -16 inc. a hattrick

Twyford won by 106 runs.



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