Based on the weather forecasts of the preceding days, we shouldn’t have been playing but the weather was perfect if not a touch windy for cricket. Could Twyford continue the winning streak was the question on the huge Twyford crowd. The pitch was part of the main outfield and looked like there may be a few demons in it. Captain Robert won the toss and elected to field.

Victor and Rohan opened the bowling and were taken on by the opening IBMer. The wind was blowing across the pitch which was causing a little accuracy issues, but the opening batting pair had done well getting to 240. Thomas on debut, Jacob, Conor and Robert then bowled  but struggled to contain another good batting pair. Robert did hit the stumps with one delivery but was called a no ball having bounced 3 times (something the umpires agreed prior to the match would be a no ball). 272 after 2 batting pairs and 360+ was on the cards.

But Eddie was to change that. First ball delivered at pace bounced awkwardly off the pitch into the chin of the batsgirl. Second ball hit the elbow. The next 4 balls passed without being struck and with a little luck, Eddie would have taken many wickets. Jamie then bowled, and apart from a wayward first couple, bowled straight and caused problems. Eddie then bowled his second over but this time, the batsman was worried before he started. Second ball, backing away, Eddie hit middle stump to get his reward. The rest of the over was left alone by the batsman. Eddies match figures, 2 Overs, 2 Maidens, 1 wicket – Superb. At the end of the third pair, the score had edged forward to 275.

Oliver, Jamie and  Freddie bowled at the fourth pair but the wind and pitch was causing accuracy issues. No scoring shots but wides meant the score drifted up to 298. At the start of the last pair Oliver bowled and Harry dropped a really difficult chance. Harry then bowled a bag of tricks varying each ball but couldn’t prise a break through. Freddie bowled well and Harry bowled the last over and IBM ended on 320. A lot less than the run rate suggested early on, but a high score none the less. It wasn’t one of Twyford best fielding displays to be fair, with a number of byes and over throws. Too many Wides also (19 in total)

Refreshments were provided by IBM and we were soon back in action. Harry took the strike and missed the first three balls, not for the want of smacking the colour off it!. The pitch was providing enough movement to cause batsman issue if pitched up at speed. Harry and Oliver soon found out to their cost in the next over, both being bowled. To give them credit, they both got stuck back in  but the damage was done, and the score was 207 after pair 1. Captain Robert and Thomas on debut took up the challenge, and Robert superbly drove the first ball for 4l. Unfortunately that was the last boundary and the pair faced good bowling and kept their stumps intact. Score moved onto 219 and it was clear that the lack of wides was an issue.

Conor and Rohan batted nicely, with Jacob coming in for 2 overs, Jacob hit one nice four and the score moved to 234. Victor and Jamie came in, and Victor discovered first ball that the pitch can cause issue as a ball pitched down leg side took a nasty turn and crashed into middle stump! Plenty of wides and 2 delicious fours from Jamie took the score to 253. The steadies (Freddie and Eddie) had a mountain to climb. 68 to win was the shout and just under 3 runs a ball! The best 2 bowlers were on also, and for all the effort, the pair could not move the ball off the square. 2 fours (1 each) and the game was up. 265 was the final score.

So the fairytale ending wasn’t to be, and it did feel like there was no gas in the tank. But the team should not be despondent. 5 wins from 8 over the season, which compared to last years “galacticos” 7 wins from 11 may not look so good, but the previous year it was 2 wins in total, the year before it was 1 win and in 2011 we didn’t win! First ever wins over Fair Oak and Hedge End. Wins over St Cross and Trojans also – So this was a fantastic year, one that has certainly surprised me! Credit is to all the players for the way they performed, the way they behaved, and for the way they represent the cricket club. The future is bright!

Man of the Match today was Jamie. Highest Score and nice bowling.

Massive thank you to Kate for organising the after match BBQ, and for everyone’s generosity in supplying such lovely food and drink. I felt it was a huge success.

And that is that. Another season has completed and this time I’m hanging up my Coaching boots. Next year its Under 11’s for Harry and it’s my intention to be Dad and watch. No doubt I’ll volunteer for scoring and such like but a summer off beckons! If anyone is interested in assisting next season or even to take the first coaching badge, please contact me / Jay. It is a lot fun and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed helping over the past 6 summers.

Chris Deakin


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