On a dark and threatening morning, Twyford entertained Trojans B having been beaten by the “C” team in the first match of the season. Thanks to Billy, Marc and Vinay the pitch was readied in quick time and the team proceeded to warm themselves up.

With drizzle starting, Captain George won the toss and elected to field first. Thanks to Marc for umpiring in poor conditions, and to John for scoring and providing paperwork that is readable. Dan was making his first game for Twyford. Both sides agreed to monitor the weather, but as the surface was all weather, it was purely a case of if the rain got too heavy. Both sides had an extra player and agreed to field with 11 and have 5 batting pairs, with Twyford having Eddie fielding.

George opened the bowling, and first ball disappeared for 4. Signs were not good! Fielding changes ensued and George regained control. Dan, Victor and Jamie bowled well but Trojans had got off to a good start. The weather was beginning to get worse but play continued. Harry bowled fast and a sharp chance to Freddie jumped out of his hands, but the batters had set off. Freddie looked to run out them out and missed, the batters ran again, but George retrieved the ball and fresh from his School Sports day gold medal, he sprinted in and took the bails off. Twyford had struck back. Rohan, Jacob and Samuel bowled well but after 2 batting pairs, Trojans were 245 and on course for  score over 300. Wides were higher than usual but the weather wasn’t helping, not that any player was complaining. A great stop on the boundary by Jamie saved 4 runs but caused a minor graze and a blood stain for his mum to remove from his cricket whites. A quick application of a plaster and game was back on. Freddie bowled and took a wicket, followed up by Jacob stopping a certain 4. After the third pair, score was 261.

Jacob bowled well and then Robert bowled a beauty with the batsman striking the ball straight at safehands Freddie and the rest was history (and Freddie will get his lunch this week). Samuel and Rohan bowled nicely and the score was slowing at 279 with one pair to go. With George returning to the attack, Twyford held up the score and 2 wickets (both clean bowled) meant that Twyford were chasing 282. A lot lower than expected.

A quick half time chat,  and refreshments kindly supplied by Victor’s Mum and Dad, and by Kate, and Twyford were ready to go again. Rain was slowing up, and its fair Twyford had the better batting conditions. With 11 fielders though, it was difficult to score either quick singles or fours. Harry and George opened the batting with a few fours and got the score to 221. George was unbeaten, but Harry did lose his wicket but only after striking 17. One to note, the 3 runs score by George from a quick single, and loose throwback which meant the boys ran again, and then another loose throw, and another run. Twyfords fielding was on the money throughout and all boys should be proud especially the conditions.

Dan on debut and Jamie came in and faced quite a number of wides. Nice that the scoreboard rattled up but I’m sure both batsman would have preferred the ball to hit. Regardless, Dan ended the innings striking a straight drive for 4, and the pair were unbeaten and the score on 245- same as Trojans at the this stage so game on!

Jacob and Robert batted really well. 4 fours in the innings with the loss of Jacobs wicket and the score hit 267, only 15 behind with 2 pairs to bat. Rohan and Samuel came out to bat, as keen as mustard. Defended the straight ones but couldn’t beat the tight fielding ring that came in. In years to come, these pair will be at the heart of Twyford teams through the ages, but today they struggled to get power into the shots. More importantly though, the score moved onto 276 and 7 to win for Freddie and Victor. Trojans had held back there best bowling to last, and both couldn’t get bat on ball, but a few wides and quick single by Victor took the scores level with 10 balls to go. Careful batting and a couple of quick singles and the win was secured as the last ball failed to take the wicket Trojans needed to win. Twyford win by 4 runs!

A great performance in conditions that adults would not have played in. Full testament to both teams for continuing without issue.

Captain George completed affairs by wishing Trojans well, and Twyford celebrated 5 wins on the bounce. Very difficult to pick a man of the match as the four runs could have been Harry, Jacobs or Dans’ fours, or great fielding by Eddie and Robert, or for Freddies catch. But for captaining the team, good runs, and 2 wickets, Man of the Match is George

No Stats today as I’ve no time to update – Sorry . Suffice to say Harry has topped 100 runs for the season, only the third time Twyford player has done this and he also passed the other 2!

Chris Deakin



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