On a cool morning in Hedge End, Twyford’s finest arrived looking to extend their unbeaten run against a team that they had never beaten in 5 years. Harry was elected Captain as it was his “local” match against a few school mates, and the morning started well by winning the toss and selecting to bowl under grey skies.

Robbie was making his debut having shown a great deal of promise in training, and duly took the new ball and bowled at Hedge End’s openers. Both batsman looked positive but Robbie was undeterred bowling a nice over to start his career. Harry took the second and George the third and Hedge End were struggling to score big runs through some excellent fielding. With pressure starting to tell, Oliver bowled the fourth over and confusion reigned, and as the Hedge End batsman took a third run, Sachin was duly run out. Well played all for a great run out. Hedge End were 216 after the first pair.

Harry took the fifth over and caused a few problems, although 4 byes spoiled his stats. The outfield was fast and didn’t forgive any fielding mistakes. Anthony bowled tightly followed by Robert and Jacob. At 243 after the second pair, it’s fair to say that all parents have seen Twyford bowl better even though the bowling wasn’t poor, the benchmark has now been set high. A score of well over 300 was beckoning for Hedge End.

Eddie and Anthony bowled at the third pair keeping things tight, ably supported by George who bowled the first and only maiden of the match. Robert kept the pressure up and Hedge End ended the third pair at 255.

Victor joined in the bowling, with 5 dots and 1 wide. Really good focused effort was now keeping the score within Twyford range. But wickets win matches so up stepped Jacob with not one, but 2! The first was a run out after confusion through great fielding. Jacob ‘s “knock knock knock” on the top of the stumps with the ball certainly told the batsman you cannot take me on! Jacob followed up with the ball of the match, looping up off the bat and a catch taken by Harry. The fourth pair ended on 260.

Victor took the first over at the last pair, who you could see were determined. So determined, they took off a run that never existed and Eddie completed the run out. Twyford were now well on top. Freddie, Harry and George took the last few overs and Hedge End ended on 279 after 20 overs. A great effort from all the team. 23 wides was too many and the only small criticism. A quick drinks break and Twyford would be returning to beat 280.

Harry and George have settled into the openers role, and Harry continued with his trend of hitting the first ball to the boundary. This time only four, missing the boundary rope by 1 yard. Hedge End fielders scattered and another 4 followed – all this off his school friend. Unfortunately in the keenness to bang home their advantage, George and Harry got mixed up and a run out ensued. In the second over, Hedge End struck again, this time clean bowling Harry and the score was starting to go backwards! George took control with 4 byes, followed by quick singles. This left Harry to smash a six off his school friend, and then another 4. Both openers had faced good bowling and put Twyford in a good position at 223.

Robert and Oliver kept the score moving in the face of straight bowling. Quick singles and looking for byes meant the score moved on to 235. Robbie on debut and Anthony who is fast becoming the ‘go to’ batsman and one that others look up to, looked positive from the start. Quick singles, byes, no balls came and the boys did fantastically, taking the score to 251 and Twyford were on target for a tight win. One mix up between the batsmen resulted in a run out, but Robbie’s dive to get in will live with the parental crowd for a long day – a fantastic effort from a young boy making his debut and the determination to play his part in the team was there to be seen by all.

This left 29 runs for the 2 final pairs to get the win. In strode Jacob and Victor. Both have played a few games this year, and knew the game situation. So much so, that they  nudged the ball around, took quick singles and never looked in danger. 1 delicious four from Victor leveled the scores.

Over to “The Steadies” (Freddie and Eddie) who like George and Harry at the start of the innings, are fast making a great partnership at the rear. The objective today – keep wickets safe and bring home the win! Both played like professionals, milking the bowling, taking singles at ease, taking the byes on offer and the win was secured by 22 runs. I don’t want to underestimate their batting. This was against the fasting bowling I have seen this year yet they looked quite at home!

All the boys played well. Sometimes they don’t take lots of wickets or hit lots of fours, but they can still play an active part in the game and stop the opposition. Today was a victory for the team by the team. Thanks to Marc for umpiring and Adam for scoring – I really do appreciate it.

Captain Harry completed affairs by wishing Hedge End well, and he is looking forward to walking into school head held high.

No Man of the Match today, as the whole team worked hard and all played their part.

For the statos out there, a few more stats as we enter the final few weeks. I know that some of you like a few stats, so I’ll start adding these to each match report.

Leading Run Scorers
1. Harry Deakin 99
2. Robert Bittles 69
3. Eddie Barker 64
4. George Pilton 49
5. Freddie Darlington 42
6. Anthony Cloke-Brown 29
7. Victor Osben 24
8. Jacob Nash 23


Best Economy Rate (Inc. Extras)
1. Eddie Barker 2.89
2. Anthony Cloke-Brown 3.92
3. Robert Bittles 4.50
4. Rohan Handa 4.67
5. Victor Osben 4.75
6. George Pilton 4.79
7. Harry Deakin 4.82
8. Oliver Marshall 5.40


Training is on Friday as normal at 6pm. No Jay this week, so help is always required.


Chris Deakin, U9 manager


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