Father’s Day watching cricket at Twyford – You can’t beat it in my opinion. The weather was set fair, and thanks to Billy, Ronnie and Marc the pitch was setup for Twyford’s finest Under 9’s to see if they could do something no other Twyford Under 9’s had performed before, and that was to beat Fair Oak. Captain Harry won the toss and elected to bowl in front of the largest crowd of the season. Being an 8 a side game, Twyford had a strong team selected.

Harry and Eddie opened the bowling and continued from the last match, bowling straight and fast. In the third over, Harry struck twice with his last 2 balls, and Eddie bowled his second maiden leaving Fair Oak on 193. Robert and Victor continued the theme with Victor striking in the sixth over – this time a great catch by Harry at Mid Off. Victor then followed up with a clean bowled wicket, and then another in the eighth over. Twyford were reaping the rewards for bowling straight. Quick mention of the fielding which was superb. Everyone looked lively, plenty of chat and some great stops including Robert who dived to stop a certain four and Samuel who caught the bowl on first bounce, again to stop a certain four.  At the half way stage, Fair Oak were 199 having lost 5 wickets. Freddie and Anthony bowled really well, and combined to run out a Fair Oak batsman who was looking to up the run rate.  Samuel and George finished the bowling without any wickets but restricted Fair Oak by bowling accurately. Fair Oak ended their innings on 245. Credit to Twyford, they all bowled brilliantly and as a team conceded only 8 wides. This is fantastic. And fielding was also superb with lots of long barriers, good accurate throws to the wicket keeper and only 8 byes.

After half time refreshments thanks to Lucy, Adam, Sophie and Kate, Twyford set about the target. Harry and George who at the start of the season liked to be the last pair in, are flourishing as an opening pair. Harry took the first ball and dispatched it for four, bouncing just short of the boundary line. Unfortunately a Fair Oak player followed the ball accidently into the outer fencing and the game was delayed for 5 minutes whilst treatment was given. Having had time to catch his breath, he bravely continued. Harry then continued his assault on the opening bowler taking a further 3 fours. George took on the bowlers as well but both batsman played across the line and well out bowled. A great start ending on 221. Robert and Samuel came in and Robert played smoothly. The bowling was very wide though and both struggled to get the ball away. The pair finished on 236. Victor and Anthony were next in, and fireworks followed. Victors previous inning were 0 and 1, so we were looking for positivity having seen glimpses in training of powerful hitting. Victor struck a beautiful 14 and was unfortunate to be out last ball. Anthony ably supported him with 3 runs off 8 balls, looking for quick runs at every opportunity. The score had now surpassed Fair Oak, but batting need to be careful to secure the win. Freddie and Eddie are fast becoming the dream partnership. They show great understanding of each other with awareness of the fielders. Some great shots ended with Eddie 21 Not out with Freddie supporting well. Twyford’s innings came to a close on 281 and a resounding win.

All the boys played exceptionally today, and made every single Father and Grandfather watching very proud. Thanks to Marc for Umpiring and Jim for scoring – I really do appreciate it.

Captain Harry completed affairs by wishing Fair Oak well.

Thank you to Ronnie, Sophie, Adam and George for replacing the tennis courts. That’s a big help as well

Man of the match was Harry. 28 runs, 1 catch, 2 wickets. Victor also put in a fantastic effort with 3 wickets.

Next Sunday’s match is off I have heard overnight. I’m looking to rearrange and will let you know once we have a date.

I know that some of you like a few stats, so I’ll start adding these to each match report. First Stats is the Average Runs per match, and Fastest Strikers (least number of balls bowled to get a wicket) below.

Average p/ Match (A/M)
1. Harry Deakin   16.00
2. Eddie Barker   14.50
3. Robert Bittles 13.40
4. George Pilton 11.75
5. Freddie Darlington 9.75
6. Jacob Nash 9.50
7. Jamie McCabe 6.00
8. Victor 5.00


Fastest Strikers
1. Victor 12.00
2. George Pilton 13.20
3. Harry Deakin 16.80
4. Samuel 18.00
5. Jacob Nash 24.00

Training is on Friday as normal at 6pm. Help is always required.


Chris Deakin, Under 9s manager



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